(The picture is packed with 720ml.)

                          Kinran Kurobe

                   Hyojunsui Shikomi Junmai Ginjo Genshu


Specially designated

sake, etc:                         Junmai Ginjo/Undiluted sake  

Alcohol %:                     17%


Type:                               Somewhat dry

Characteristic:                We used spring filled with minerals that

                                     overflows approximately 700 meters                                                        underground (approximately 1560 meters

                                     above ground) from the ground surface of

                                     Akazawadake in the Northern Alps.                                                          Shinshu made sake-brewing rice "Miyama

                                     Nishiki" is used.

                                     It is a drink of a firm taste.  

Rice /

Rice polishing ratio:      Miyama Nishiki / 59%

Storage method:            Normal temperature

Sales method:                Normal product


Suggest retail price:   1,800ml / 2,964yen (excluding consumption tax)

                                      720ml / 1,472yen (excluding consumption tax)

           300ml / 689yen (excluding consumption tax)

What is this picture?

It seems like an icicle, but it is not.  Maybe in English it is called “ice stalagmite”.

Direct translation from Japanese to English is an “ice bamboo shoot”. In Chinese characters, it is written as 氷筍.

An ice bamboo shoot is an inverted icicle that occurs in a cave. The drops dripping from the top is frozen instantly and is called by this name because it has a shape like a bamboo shoot.

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