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                Kinran Kurobe

                        Cho Tokusen Daiginjyo

Specially designated

sake, etc:                         Daiginjyo / Undiluted sake  

Alcohol %:                      17%

Type:                               Aloma type

Characteristic:                 It is a "Daiginjo" that has been refined to 39%   

                                     of sake-brewing rice "Yamada Nishiki" and is

                                     made in Shinshu's severe winter.

                                     This has made same way as a sake put up for

                                     the Sake Awards.

Starter culture,

Rice for making Koji /

Rice polishing ratio:       Yamada Nishiki / 39%

Kake rice /

Rice polishing ratio:       Yamada Nishiki / 39%

Storage mthod:               Normal temperature

Sales method:                 Quantity limited

Suggested retail price:    1,800ml / 9,630yen (excluding consumption tax)

            720ml / 4,872yen (excluding consumption tax)

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