Introduction of the Brewmaster​

Masakazu Ito(Noto Brewmaster)

Mr. Ito started brewing with us from the R1 brewing year (2019), and in order to improve the quality of sake, we purchased high-quality rice suitable for sake brewing in Nagano prefecture, reviewed the manufacturing process, and switched to equipment for makeing sake with careful preparation.

Using rice grown on a fertile ground and the clear water at the foot of the Northern Alps, Mr. Ito strive every day to make pure-tasting sake with the sprit.



2000 Hosokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture

2011 Doi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture

2012 Received certification of Nippon Sake Brewmaster

2013 Sasaichi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture

2019 Ichinoya Co., Ltd. Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture