Ichinoya's brewing water


Woman water:

Omachi city, where our brewery is located, is located at the foot of the Northern Alps. The water source of the “woman” water used for brewing is spring water from woodland closed to the Omachi living area called Iyari at 900m above sea level.

The area around the pond in Iyato, where spring water springs out, is rich in green, which can be called a green dam, becomes natural filter media, and over a long period of time water is slowly filtered and springs out to the ground.


​Hyojun water:

We used spring filled with minerals that overflows approximately 700 meters underground (approximately 1560 meters above ground) from the ground surface of   Akazawadake in the Northern Alps.                                             

​(Sake that uses this water as brewing water: Kinran Kurobe Hyojunsui Shikomi Junmai Ginjo Genshu)