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2527-I Omachi, Omachi-shi,

Nagano-ken, 398-0002

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Ichinoya brewering water:

Omachi city, where the brewery is located, is located at the foot of the Northern Alps. The water source of the “woman water” water used for the water supply is spring water from woodland closed to the Omachi living area called Iyari at 900m above sea level.

The area around the pond in Iyato, where spring water springs out, is rich in green, which can be called a green dam, becomes natural filter media, and over a long period of time water is slowly filtered and springs out to the ground.


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The original establishment of Ichinoya said to be date back to 1865. The brand of that time was "Fukumasamune."  upon reorganizing as a corporation in 1931, we changed the brand name to "Fukuran".  For 30 plus years thereafter the "Fukuran" brand remained.  The Kurobe Dam was completed in 1963, and after that "Kinran Kurobe" was released in 1969, remaining a major brand to this day.  In addition, we have released "Ichinoya" brand this year.

Photo of around 1920

What is "Hoshiichi"? 

The mark that Ichinoya raised as a brand name at the time of establishment is "Hoshiichi". 

It is said that the symbol “Hoshiichi” has the meaning of wanting to be the most shining star that illuminates the area.

After more than a century since its inception, we will challenge the world with the “Hoshiichi” brand that shines incredibly.


The direct translation of “Hoshiichi” is “the first star”.



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2527-I Omachi, Omachi-shi,

Nagano-ken, 398-0002 


TEL : 0261—22—0010

FAX : 0261—22—0006


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