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Using rice grown on a fertile ground and the clear water at the foot of the Northern Alps, we have made pure-tasting sake with the spirit. 

We will continue to move forward forever, aiming for the limit, without spoiling the history of the founding 1865.

ABOUT Ichinoya

The original establishment of Ichinoya said to be date back to 1865.


In the brewery built in the Meiji era(1865-1912), even now, all the processes are hand-made, from basic rice washing to the most important koji making, fermentation starter (shubo) process, and three-steps brewing rather than a machine-based and a regular sake-based production system.

In addition, our brewery is located at the foot of the Northern Alps, and the water used for the brewing water is from the Iyari area of Eastern Mountain. The area around the pond in Iyario, where spring water springs out, is rich in green, which can be called a green dam, becomes natural filter media, and over a long period of time water is slowly filtered and springs out to the ground.

We carefully make handmade sake using rice suitable for sake produced in Nagano prefecture, such as Miyama Nishiki, Hitogokochi, Yamakei Nishiki, and Shirakaba Nishiki, grown in Omachi City and Nagano Prefecture using water which is delicious even if you drink it as it is.





What is "Hoshiichi"?

ほしいち 印

The mark that Ichinoya raised as a brand name at the time of establishment is "Hoshiichi". 

It is said that the symbol “Hoshiichi” has the meaning of wanting to be the most shining star that illuminates the area.



The direct translation of “Hoshiichi” is “the first star”.


Today, we aim to make sake that challenges the world like a dragon climbing towards the stars shining in the starry sky of the Northern Alps. The newly designed "Hoshiichi" has that feeling.

Calligraphy : Isshi Suikyo

Chief brewer of sake : Masakazu Itoh

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