(The picture is packed with 1,800ml.)

                   Kinran Kurobe Shinshu 


 Specially designated

sake, etc:                         Ginjo sake/Unpasteurized sake/Undiluted            


Alcohol %:                     18%


Type:                              Rich type


Charateristic:              ​   The character of the label is the ancient character, 

                                       which wrote "Child" which is the zodiac sign of

                                       Reiwa 2nd year.  Please enjoy the glamorous and

                                       fruity ginjo aroma, the freshness and body feeling

                                       unique to unpasteurized sake.  Since it is

                                     unpasteurized sake, please keep it in the


Rice /

Rice polishing ratio:      Miyama Nishiki from Nagano / 59%

Storage method:             Keep refrigerated

Sales method:                 Normal product

Suggested retail price:    1,800ml / 2,200yen (excluding consumption tax) 

             720ml / 1,100yen (excluding consumption tax)

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