(The picture is packed with 1,800ml.)

                     Kinran Kurobe



 Specially designated

sake, etc:                         Regular sake/Unpasteurized sake/Undiluted            

                                        sake/Freshly pressed sake  

Alcohol %:                     19%


Type:                              Rich type


Charateristic:              ​   It is sake which we just packed in bottle without   

                                       pasteurization (heat treatment sterilization) with 

                                       squeezing. It is a rich, sweet and delicious sake. It is                                        seasonal limitation only in winter.

                                       (Not currently sold)


Starter, culture,

Rice for making Koji /

Rice polishing ratio:      Table rice / 70%

Kake rice /

Rice polishing ratio:      Table rice / 70%

Storage method:             Keep refrigerated

Sales method:                 Normal product

Suggested retail price:    1,800ml / 2,200yen (excluding consumption tax) 

             720ml / 1,100yen (excluding consumption tax)

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