RE: Announcement of the release of new brand "Hoshiichi"

 We are pleased to announce the release of the new brand "Hoshiichi" and we have prepared the following products for the 2019 brewery year.


Hoshiichi Yamahaijikomi Junmai Dai Ginjo Genshu Omachi

Hoshiichi Yamahaijikomi Junmai Dai Ginjo Genshu Aiyama

Hoshiichi Yamahaijikomi Junmai Dai Ginjo Genshu Sankei Nishiki


We would like to explain the main points of brewing“Hoshiichi”.  

We will continue to move forward forever, aiming for the limit, without spoiling the history of the founding 1865.


In the 2019 brewing, with the change of the chief brewer, we stopped the production method focused  on regular sake using machines and returned all the processes to handmade from basic rice washing to the most important koji making, fermentation starter (shubo) process, and three-steps brewing.


Instead of mass-producing general-level sake, we switched to a facility that produces only high-quality sake, introduced the latest hand-washing rice-washing machine, utilized Ginjo steamer that can produce dry steam, introduced ventilation system for koji room, thoroughly washed the mash filtration machine and the sake bag, and install air purifiers in the brewing room, mash filtration room and bottling area, and have achieved a great improvement in the quality of sake.


Our brewery is located at the foot of the Northern Alps, and the water used for the brewing water is from the Iyari area of Eastern Mountain. The area around the pond in Iyario, where spring water springs out, is rich in green, which can be called a green dam, becomes natural filter media, and over a long period of time water is slowly filtered and springs out to the ground.


In addition, we use only rice selected from Aiyama in Hyogo Prefecture, Omachi in Okayama Prefecture, and the best production area of sake rice, luxury natural water of the Northern Alps, which is proud of the world, is used as brewing water, and all products are brewed as Junmai Daiginjo sake.


Furthermore, in order to raise the quality of brewed sake, we are utilizing the technology of a compound fermented starter culture with yeast and lactic acid bacteria, mainly in traditional Yamahai brewing that does not rely on brewed lactic acid.


We look forward to your continued patronage in the future.