(The picture is packed with 720ml.)

Ichinoya Hitogokochi Junmai Ginjo Genshu  Namazake

Specially designated






Rice/Rice polishing ratio

Storage method

Sales method

Suggested retail price

Junmai ginjo/Unpasteurized/Undiluted    



Aroma /dry type

Using rice grown on a fertile ground and the clear water at the foot of the Northern Alps, chief brewer has made pure-tasting sake with the spirit. This is a dry Junmai ginjo sake with the freshness of unpasteurized sake and refreshing aroma spread in your mouth. Since it is unpasteurized sake, please save it in the refrigerator.


Hitogokochi from Nagano / 59%

Keep refrigerated

Normal product

 720ml / 1,600yen (excluding consumption tax)