(The picture is packed with 720ml.)

Ichinoya Sankei Nishiki Junmai Ginjo Genshu  Namazake

Specially designated






Rice/Rice polishing ratio

Storage method

Sales method

Suggested retail price

Junmai ginjo/Unpasteurized/Undiluted    



Aroma /dry type

Using rice grown on a fertile ground and the clear water at the foot of the Northern Alps, chief brewer has made pure-tasting sake with the spirit. This is a Junmai Ginjo sake with the freshness of unpasteurized sake and refreshing aroma spread in your mouth, a glamorous aroma and a rich taste. Since it is unpasteurized sake, please save it in the refrigerator.


Sankei Nishiki / 59%

Keep refrigerated

Normal product

 720ml / 1,600yen (excluding consumption tax)


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