(The picture is packed with 1,800ml.)

                     A Safety Prayer "Anzenkigan" 


 Specially designated

sake, etc:                        Regular sake                          

Alcohol %:                     15%


Type:                              Light type


Charateristic:              ​   Title letter is written by previous  chief priest of                                              Suwa Taisha, Mr. Narumoto Hirashi

                                       (from Omachi City).

                                    You can use it widely, such as Celebration for a                                                delivery of a car to  its new owner, groundbreaking

                                       ceremony, completion ceremony, framework

                                       completion ceremony. 


Rice /

Rice polishing ratio:      Table rice / 70%

Storage method:             Normal temperature

Sales method:                 Normal product

Suggested retail price:    1,800ml / 2,190yen (excluding consumption tax) 

             720ml / 933yen (excluding consumption tax)                                          

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