(The picture is packed with 1,800ml.)

                     A Safety Prayer "Anzenkigan" 


 Specially designated

sake, etc:                        Regular sake                          

Alcohol %:                     15%


Type:                              Light type


Charateristic:              ​   Title letter is written by previous  chief priest of                                              Suwa Taisha, Mr. Narumoto Hirashi

                                       (from Omachi City).

                                    We wish for safety such as construction safety,                                                traffic safety, home safety, travel safety and so on.

                                    You can use it widely, such as Celebration for a                                                delivery of a car to  its new owner, groundbreaking

                                       ceremony, completion ceremony, framework

                                       completion ceremony. 


Starter, culture,

Rice for making Koji /

Rice polishing ratio:      Table rice / 70%

Kake rice /

Rice polishing ratio:      Table rice / 70%

Storage method:             Normal temperature

Sales method:                 Normal product

Suggested retail price:    1,800ml / 2,190yen (excluding consumption tax) 

             720ml / 933yen (excluding consumption tax)                                          

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