The full-bodied and fragrant liquor that sake brewery founded in 1865 carefully brewed with spring water in the Northern Alps!

It is a "Daiginjo" that has been refined to 39% of sake-brewing rice "Yamada Nishiki" and is made in Shinshu's severe winter. This has made same way as a sake put up for Sake Awards.

Kinran Kurobe

Cho Tokusen Daiginjyo

It is a tasteful, fruity, dry Junmai Ginjo, unpasteurized and diluted sake. Since it is an unpasterurized sake, please keep it in the refrigerator.



Junmai Ginjo Shu Nama Shu

It is a Junmai Shu with a rich taste and naturality of sake. Miyama Nishiki is polished to 59%.


Junmai Shu

​It is sake that you can usually drink.

Can be enjoyed chilled or hot.

Rice polishing ratio is 65%.

Kinran Kurobe


It is a dry sake that is light body and a easy to drink.

Kinran Kurobe


It is a "Daiginjo" that has been refined to 39% of Shinshu made sake-brewing rice "Yamada Nishiki". It is refreshing smell and is a beautiful daiginjo with a fresh mouth.


Kinran Kurobe


​It is sake that is prepared with rice grown by so-called "rice-duck farming". 

Kinran Kurobe

Aigamo Jyunjyo

It is a tasteful, fruity, dry Ginjo Shu



Ginjo Shu

It is sake which we just packed in bottle without pasteurization (heat treatment sterilization) with squeezing. It is a rich, dry and delicious sake.

Since it is unpasteurized sake, please keep it in the refrigerator.

Kinran Kurobe

New Sake "Shinshu"

Title letter is written by previous  chief priest of Suwa Taisha, Mr. Narumoto Hirashi (from Omachi City). We wish for safety such as construction safety, traffic safety, home safety, travel safety and so on. You can use it widely, such as Celebration for a delivery of a car to  its new owner, groundbreaking ceremony, completion ceremony, framework completion ceremony.

A Safety Prayer "Anzenkigan"

It is a tasteful, fruity, dry Junmai Ginjo Shu



Junmai Ginjo

We used spring filled with minerals that overflows approximately 700 meters underground (approximately 1560 meters above ground) from the ground surface ofAkazawadake in the Northern Alps.  

Shinshu made sake-brewing rice "Miyama Nishiki" is used.

It is a drink of a firm taste.

Kinran Kurobe

Kurobe no Hyojyunsui Shikomi Junmai Ginjyo Shu

It is a tasteful, fruity, dry Ginjo, unpasteruraized at storage sake.

Since it is an unpasteurized at storage sake, please keep it in the refrigerator.


Kunran Kurobe

Ginjo Nama Chozou Shu

It is a sake with ingredients (solid content) of moromi. Shake the bottle well and agitate before serving.

Kinran Kurobe

Nigori Sake

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